Nightwishin Floor Jansen: ”Yhä useammat ihmiset ovat kyselleet sooloalbumin perään”

Northward: & Jørn Lofstad, 2018.

Kotimaisen, sinfonista metallia soittavan Nightwishin laulaja Floor Jansen kertoi Instagram Livessä mahdollisuudesta tehdä sooloalbumi. Vime vuoden hollantilaiseen Beste Zangers -ohjelmaan osallistumisensa jälkeen häneltä on tiedusteltu useasti sooloalbumin tekemisestä. Kiertuesuunnitelmien mentyä uusiksi sooloalbumia on ollut enemmän aikaa ajatella. Mikäli sooloalbumi jossain vaiheessa tulisi, olisi tyylisuunta jotain muuta kuin metallimusiikkia. Viime kuussa kuultiin Floor Jansenin laulua omalla äidinkielellään laulajan äänitettyäDe Beelden Blijven” -kappaleen hollantilaiseen Kinderen In Oorlog: 75 Jaar Later -dokumenttiin. Jansen kertoi:

”More and more people have been starting to ask about a solo record, because of the TV program I was with. That made me think about it more, like, would I actually wanna do that? When would I wanna do it? In what style would I wanna do it? And, well, since I am at home more, I do have more time to write. It doesn’t mean that all of a sudden I’ve become super creative and I know exactly what I want. But it’s lovely to have time to think about that and to see what comes out.

As for the musical direction of a hypothetical solo album. I cannot imagine it would be rock or metal — just because rock now I’ve done, and metal I’ve done a lot. And I’m already in one of the best bands, I think, that are out there, in my opinion, to my taste. Plus, if you’re in a band with a songwriter such as Tuomas Holopainen, it’s a little bit hard to come up with something — anything — better, I would say, and I only say that out of love and respect for him. Plus, after 20 years of metal, wouldn’t it be lovely to do something completely different for me? That’s how I feel.

So, let’s see what comes of this time. I like to keep my freedom in the time frame and in the planning of style and moods. But every now and then, I sit there at my piano, and all of a sudden, things come out. So, let’s see what comes out of this.”

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