Nikki Sixx Pariisin Bataclan-iskusta: ”Se olisi hyvin voinut tapahtua myös meille”

Mötley Crue 2013Mötley Crüen basisti Nikki Sixx on kommentoinut Pariisin Bataclan-klubille tehtyä terrori-iskua omassa radioshowssaan ”Sixx Sense”. Sixx kertoi tapauksen koskettaneen häntä erityisesti koska se olisi voinut hyvin sattua Eagles Of Death Metalin sijasta myös miehen omalle bändille. Lue tästä Sixxin kommentit iskuista:

”I’m on the road with a rock band, and I have a road crew and tour buses and fans and everything that’s extended off of what we’re doing out here. And the same thing happened in Paris; there was a band playing and fans.

I found out about this when I walked off stage in Munich. At the same time that we Mötley Crüe were playing, Eagles Of Death Metal were playing in Paris, and it was a totally different experience, even though it was similar in a lot of ways. That’s really what touched me and touched all of us out here even a little bit deeper than the news. Because we were, like, ’It could have happened here.’ Not just one country over.”

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