Norma Jean on saanut tulevan albumin nauhoitukset valmiiksi

Norma Jean (©David Jackson)

Yhdysvaltalainen metalcore-yhtye Norma Jean on pitänyt fanejaan ajan tasalla tulevan albuminsa suhteen. Nyt yhtye on tiedottanut sosiaalisessa mediassa, että se on saanut tulevan albumin nauhoitukset valmiiksi. Levy on Norma Jeanin järjestyksessään kahdeksas studioalbumi. Edellinen ”Polar Similar” -levy ilmestyi vuonna 2016.

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Today is the last day of tracking #NJLP8. It’s been and amazing time. I have lots of people to be thankful for so I’m gonna be posting about it over the next few days. I believe the key to happiness is to be thankful and grateful in all things. I don’t know if any album has been as stressful to me as it’s been making #NJLP8 for various reasons. But from the beginning of making this, we talked about it being more important than just our desire to make another album and “be in a band” and that just added more stress. On top of that, I have a tendency to explain ideas in an inverted way. It’s frustrating sometimes. I couldn’t have done it without the master translator @matteo_lee, my brother. (Lovedrug, Bear Colony, Living Sacrifice, Eso-Charis etc) He worked very hard to have lots of creative ideas, keep us organized while writing, demoing, and prepro. We have a long history of music together so we were able to turn around an album that had 5 songs into 15 or more (We settled on 12 in the end) Very grateful to have a family that will help when I need it, even if it’s to help write dark and heavy rock songs. He also has been doing some sound design for the album which is a huge addition. Thanks dude! // Hey everyone! Can’t wait for you to hear this. More to come! 🙌

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