Nucler Blast kiinnitti talliinsa fantasia metalia soittavan Twilight Forcen

Twilight Force 2016Ruotsalainen fantasia metalia soittava Twilight Force on kiinnitetty Nuclear Blast Recordsille. Yhtye työstää parhaillaan materiaalia tulevaa albumiaan varten, joka tullaan julkaisemaan todennäköisesti syksyllä 2016 Nuclear Blastin toimesta. Voit lukea yhtyeen viestin sopimukseen liittyen sekä kuunnella materiaalia bändiltä jota on verrattu mm. yhtyeisiin kuten Rhapsody, Dragonforce sekä Stratovarius tästä:

”Sound the Horns of Triumph! It is with great exuberance that we can finally reveal that a legendary Scroll of Allegiance has been sealed. TWILIGHT FORCE have entered into a pact with Nuclear Blast, and will henceforth stand proudly alongside venerable acts such as NIGHTWISH, SONATA ARCTICA, SABATON and BLIND GUARDIAN. This wondrous covenant will unlock magic portals to kingdoms unknown, and help us guide humans and kindred spirits alike into our mystical glorious realm. So, now is the time to rejoice! The Knights of Twilight’s Might shall rise!”

”We are currently working fervently and meticulously in the studio, the Twilight Forge, to complete the second opus of TWILIGHT FORCE. We aim to create something that will take power metal to new heights – it will be a milestone for us and hopefully for the genre, and far exceed our debut album in both length and sound quality. Expect a fast-paced adventurous and bright listening experience, both through tonality, storytelling and even sound design. It will be a sparkling magical adventure filled with lore, virtuosity, memorable melodies and majestic soundscapes previously unheardof in the genre. We are working to transcend our own sound from the first album, and develop it into something new and fresh, but still keep the essence of power metal intact. The currently untitled adventure metal album is scheduled for a September 2016 release on Nuclear Blast Records.”

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