Oceano vokalisti liittyi Demolisheriin

Demolisher 2013Yhdysvaltalaisen deathcorea soittavan Oceanon vokalisti Adam Warren on liittynyt yhtyeeseen nimeltä Demolisher. Kyseinen yhtye julkaisee uuden singlensä nimeltä ”Breaking Point” lokakuun 29. päivä. Lue lisää nähdäksesi yhtyeen virallinen tiedote asiaan liittyen.

“Today marks a turning point for the band Demolisher. We have a groundswell of big news for now and on the horizon. First, we are saddened to announce the departure of our friend and long time vocalist Nick Terrell. Nick has devoted a lot of time in building Demolisher‘s brand of heaviness to where we are today. He will always be accredited to that. This was a decisions made soley for the best interest of the band to continue to grow and tour more frequently in larger makets, something which Nick‘s schedule simply retained him from doing long term.

With Nick‘s departure we are pleased to welcome Adam Warren, also known from Oceano, as our new vocalist. Adam has been a friend of the band since it’s earlierst incarnations, and has helped the band in different forms along the way. Because of this, it is a natural progression and was an easy transition when the options were put before us. Do not worry, Adam will continue to do both bands and with equal ferocity. Adam WILL also be featured on our new single “Breaking Point” and we are hard at work as we speak on a new EP to be released this winter! We thank you all for your continued support.”

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