Of Mice & Menin vokalisti Austin Carlile kertoo taistelustaan Marfanin Syndroomaa vastaan

Austin Carlile (ex-Attack Attack!, Of Mice & Men)Yhdysvaltalaisen parhaillaan uutta albumiaan työstävän Of Mice & Menin vokalisti Austin Carlile on antanut hiljattain Thekindlandille haastattelun, jossa mieheltä on kysytty taistelusta Austinin sairastamaa Marfanin Syndroomaa vastaan. Austin on haastattelussa kertonut viime vuonna soitettujen keikkojen olleen yhtä helvettiä murtuneen kylkiluun sekä lukuisten eri ongelmien takia. Mies on avannut käytännössä jokailta tautia vastaan käytyä taistelua seuraavanlaisesti:

”During most sets, I’d smile to the crowd, turn around grimace-faced, pop my rib back into place, and then keep the show going.

The entire time I was suffering from pain related to the broken rib, I was also dealing with a tear in my dural sac, in the back of my head. Basically, it’s the sac that holds your brain fluids. It was torn (from head banging), and the fluid was leaking into my spine and the surrounding areas.

Every night on stage was simply grueling for me. There wasn’t a moment without pain. My body was breaking down. Eventually, however, we made the call to keep me at home for the rest of 2015, in order to heal. Which was a great idea, as much as I hated it at the time.

Now it’s 2016, and I’m already working on vocal ideas inside my room while I heal. Rise and rise again: Just because life has knocked you over once doesn’t mean you stay there. You get up. You fall again, you get up again.

This is called perseverance, and it’s tattooed on the back of my head for this very reason. My body isn’t able to do what my heart and soul desire; so I live a constant battle every day. It’s up to me to get up and fight each day.”

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