Oh, Sleeper ilman basistia

Basisti Lucas Starr on jättänyt yhdysvaltalaisen metalcore -yhtye Oh, Sleeperin. Hänen tilalleen astuu Nate Grady. Lue lisää nähdäksesi Starrin virallisen viestin aiheesta.

”I’ve come bearing bittersweet news and there is so much I’d like to say, but I promised myself I wasn’t gonna make a long dramatic deal out of this. Haha. So to the point….I’m not gonna be able to continue into record 3 with Oh, Sleeper. This was one of the hardest decisions that I’ve ever had to make, but as a 26 year old adult, it has become impossible to tour and to pay my bills. I recently moved out of my mom’s house, and into a nice apartment. So I felt like it was time to step down and be a grown up, regroup, and pay some bills.

”Our good friend Nate Grady will be taking my place. Some of you might remember him from when he filled in for me last year on the west coast. He’s a great musician, and please believe me when I say that you guys are gonna freak when you hear the new Oh, Sleeper songs. They are by far the best songs that Shane and James has ever written. I can’t thank you guys enough for the love and memories. I’ve made many friends over the last 5 years, and I hope you will all continue to keep in touch on Facebook and stuff. (facebook.com/lucasstarr) I’ll never stop playing music, I just have to close this chapter of my life so that I can continue to grow as a man. My girlfriend and I started a side project a few months ago called ’At Night We Strike’ and we’ll be writing stuff for that from the comfort of our own home. Haha. We just posted a new song we wrote and recorded called ’Don’t Let It Take Control’ and it’s on our Facebook page (listn.to/atnightwestrike). Probably not what you’re going to expect, but we’re just making music that we enjoy. Please feel free to pass the music along to anyone who you think might enjoy it also. I hope that all of you will keep up with me and my journey through life. It’s just beginning. :) Be blessed friends. Until next time.”

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