Omnium Gatherum vaihtoi basistia

Kotimainen death metal bändi Omnium Gatherum on vaihtanut basistia. Edes menneen Janne Markkasen korvaa yhtyeen riveissä jatkossa Eerik Purdon (Crystal Blaze). Lue lisää nähdäksesi virallinen lehdistö tiedote.

”We’re sad to inform that our longtime bass player for 10 years, Janne Markkanen, has decided to step aside from Omnium Gatherum crew due to his lack of time and motivation for this type of music. There’s no bad blood between us and of course we wish him best of luck for whatever he is doing from now on.

”Good news is that we have new fresh motivated blood in the crew as Eerik Purdon is our new bassist from now on and he’ll be looking after adding some demonic bottom pulse and groove to our noise. Eerik has been our good friend for some time and he also helped us and played bass on Omnium Gatherum’s Summer Blast Fest Spain / Portugal tour in June 2007 when Janne was unavailable to do the shows, and the dude really showed his infernal talents and Omnium Gatherum attitude there! Eerik also plays in Crystal Blaze and he was acting session bassist in Amoral for their latest Finnish shows.”

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