The Ongoing Concept kiinnitetty Solid State Recordsille

The Ongoing Concept 2013Yhdysvaltalainen metalcorea soittava The Ongoing Concept on kiinnitetty Solid State Recordsille. Yhtye julkaisee uuden ”Saloon” nimeä kantavan albuminsa elokuun 20. päivä. Lue lisää nähdäksesi video yhtyeen uudesta kappaleesta nimeltä ”Cover Girl”.

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“Signing with Solid State was the most unexpected thing to happen to our band,” explains guitarist and vocalist Dawson Scholz. “I woke up one morning and saw their inquiry and pretty much freaked out. We all grew up listening to most of the bands on their roster and to have them interested in us almost seemed too good to be true. They have always had the ‘future’ in mind rather than ‘the now’ with their bands. It’s humbling to be a part of it all!”

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