Oranssi Pazuzu listattu maailman pelottavimmaksi metallibändiksi

Oranssi PazuzuAmerikkalaislehti LA Weekly on listannut juuri 10 maailman pelottavinta metallibändiä. Listalta löytyvät muun muassa Dimmu Borgir (sija 10), Behemoth (sija 5) sekä Watain (sija 2). Listan kärkeen on puolestaan iloksemme päässyt suomalainen Oranssi Pazuzu, jonka valintaa La Weeklyn toimittaja perustelee seuraavasti:

When this Finnish act’s newest record “Värähtelijä” came out earlier this year, I had it pegged as an early contender for the most unsettling metal album of 2016. Now nearing the end of the year, it’s still tops on my list. While Oranssi Pazuzu can be loosely categorized as a black metal band, the psychedelic elements they incorporate into their music provide for a hypnotic listening experience that swarms the mind with all sorts of terrifying demons, voices and specters. The acid trip has gone bad, the lights are going back and forth between an epileptic level of flickering and completely pitch black, the voices are screaming every horrifying thought you have ever had, and then you wake up from the acid-induced nightmare hoping that’s your blood and not someone else’s all over your clothes.

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