Ozzy Osbourne paljastaa seuraavan Black Sabbathin albumin jäävän heidän viimeisekseen

Black SabbathEnglantilaisen rockin legendan Black Sabbathin vokalisti Ozzy Osbourne on antanut hiljattain haastattelun The Times-Picayunelle, jossa kertoo tekevänsä vielä yhden albumin Black Sabbathin kanssa, jonka jälkeen mies aikoo keskittyä omaan soolouraansa. Voit lukea Ozzyn mietteitä asiasta tästä:

”A lot of people are asking me, with the success of the reformation of BLACK SABBATH, am I going to do any solo stuff any more? The answer is yes. I am going to continue to do my solo stuff, but I can’t do the two at the same time. This ’Memoirs Of A Madman’ package is to let everybody know that I haven’t abandoned my solo career.”

”I’m doing one more BLACK SABBATH tour, one more BLACK SABBATH album, and then we’re disbanding the name, I believe. And then after that, I’ll be doing my solo stuff.”

”In a way, I’m glad that I did the things with BLACK SABBATH. No. 1, it was the first time we ever had a No. 1 (album) in America. No. 2, hopefully we’ll end on a happy note. The only sad note about it is that [original drummer] Bill Ward didn’t do the last tour, for reasons that I guess have something to do with financing or something. I don’t know.

”It would be great for him to get it together and sort all the problems out for the next tour. It would be a great way for the four of us to end such a wonderful experience of being BLACK SABBATH, and what we achieved.

”Tommy Clufetos [the drummer in Osbourne’s solo band] did a great job [filling in for Ward on the most recent tour]. He’s a great drummer. But he ain’t Bill Ward, you know?”

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