Palaye Royale julkaisi tulevan albumin avauskappaleen ”Little Bastards” kuunneltavaksi

Rockia soittava  on julkaissut singlensä ”Little Bastards” verkkoon kuunneltavaksi. Biisi tulee olemaan avausraita bändin pitkään odotetulla ”The Bastards” -pitkäsoitolla, joka julkaistaan 29. päivä toukokuuta Sumerian Recordsin kautta. Kitaristi Sebastian Danzig:

”’Little Bastards’ is the opening track from our third album, ’The Bastards’. Musically we show the direction of the album all in a single track. The vulnerability, the truth and the aggression all wrapped together in a three and a half minute track which will set the listener up for what is too come for the next 14 tracks and what corners we will touch. Lyrically it trails from our latest release ’Lonely’ but displaying the frustration and anger towards individuals that are meant to be friends.Visually we wanted to display our current state which is complete isolation from the world; trapped inside a house but yet the toxic society has found its way inside. We have to ’band’ together to keep our circle of trust and honesty tight.”

Levyn biisilista:

01 Little Bastards
02 Massacre, The New American Dream
03 Anxiety
04 Tonight Is The Night I Die
05 Lonely
06 Hang On To Yourself
07 Fucking With My Head
08 Nervous Breakdown
09 Nightmares
10 Masochist
11 Doom (Empty)
12 Black Sheep
13 Stay
14 Redeemer
15 Lord Of Lies (Bonus track)

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