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Kirjoittanut Ingeborg Roos - 9.4.2024

Pantera on muistanut Dimebagin ja Vinnie Paulin hiljattain menehtynyttä isää Jerry Abbottia sosiaalisen median tileillään. Jerry Abbottilla oli tärkeä rooli Panteran alkuaikoina, toimiessaan muun muassa yhtyeen managerina ja tuottajana.
Phil Anselmo ja Rex Brown kirjoittivat:

“Rest in Peace Jerry Abbott

Jerry was the father of Vince & Darrell & was a huge influence on us, in our formative years. He passed down an incredible legacy of his own. He was a great songwriter and a much sought after engineer & producer. He managed the band from ‘82-‘89 & taught us a lot. We can look back now & see that without him; we might not have ever made it out of Tejas. But we did…

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Hearing the news of his passing, we immediately thought of all the great times we had with the “LD”, a nickname we gave him, and all the things that made him so very special!! This cannot be said enough, he was one of the good ones & will be missed!! He’s in a much better place now… God Bless. – Rex Brown & Philip Anselmo ‘24″

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