Philip Anselmo kommentoi esiintymistä Dimebag-hologrammin kanssa

Panteran entinen laulaja, Philip Anselmo, kommentoi Metal Wanin haastattelussa mahdollisuutta esiintymiseen Dimebag Darrellin hologrammin kanssa. Mies kertoo ajatuksen Panteran keikasta ilman Darrellia olevan hämmentävä, mutta hän kertoo olevansa valmis siihen, jos fanit ja muut bändin jäsenet ajattelevat sen olevan mahdollista.

”To me, the most important factor in all of this hoopla are the fans — the fans, hands down. The band doesn’t choose the audience — it’s the other way around. So we’re working hand in hand here. Whatever the fans really want, I guess, would be my answer to the whole thing. And I’m sure that it’s a flip of the coin, depending on the fan. If it’s something that they wanted desperately, then it’s something that… sure, I would do it, but it would be for the fans, man. Everybody has their opinion, so it makes it really, really tough for me to gauge the importance of doing something of that magnitude. Because, yes, it would be a big deal — it would be big, man. It would be emotionally big, is what I’m getting at. I’m not talking about the size of shows, I’m not talking about the impact or anything like that, I’m talking about actually going out on that stage with the band name, the backdrop just giant reading ’PANTERA’ and not seeing my brother Dimebag across from me on that stage, it would be absolutely… it seems invalid to me right now. I’m not seeing it. I’ll admit it — I’m straight-up torn; I’m confused on the topic.”

Dimebag Darrell ammuttiin vuonna 2004 kesken Panteran seuraajan, Damageplanin keikan. Sitä ennen Anselmo oli jo ehtinyt jatkaa laulamista Downissa ja Superjoint Ritualissa.

Voit kuunnella Philip Anselmon haastattelun Metal Wanissa alla olevasta videosta. Haastattelussa Anselmo kommentoi myös muun muassa sivuprojektejaan ja uutta albumiaan.


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