A Plea For Purging jatkaa Facedown Recordsilla

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 26.5.2011

Yhdysvaltalainen metalcore -yhtye A Plea For Purging on tehnyt jatkosopimuksen levy-yhtiö Facedown Recordsin kanssa. Yhtye siirtyy Random Awesome studioille elokuussa nauhottamaan uutta albumiaan yhdessä Josh Schroederin kanssa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi nokkamies Andy Atkinsin kommentit asiasta.

“Though we are still a very small band, 4 years ago when we were absolutely nothing, Facedown and the Dunn family believed in us enough to invest their time and money into us. We were some n00bs from Tennessee that thought we knew everything but really knew nothing.

With Facedown’s backing, we have been able to travel the world and meet tons of great people through our music. They have always supported us and given us complete artistic freedom. With that being said, it only seems right to continue on with the supportive team we have behind us. We are proud to continue working from within the Facedown Family.”