Pop Evilin kuudes albumi on lähes valmis

Yhdysvaltalainen rock-yhtye Pop Evil paljasti Linea Rockille antamassaan haastattelussa kuudennen albuminsa olevan viimeistä silausta vaille valmis. Yhtyeen nokkamies Leigh Kakaty kertoi, ettei virallista julkaisupäivää ole vielä tiedossa ja että koronavirus on hidastanut työskentelyä. Pop Evil on julkaissut tulevalta levyltä kaksi kappaletta, ”Let The Chaos Reign”ja ”Work.

Voit lukea pätkän Kakatyn kommentoinnista sekä katsoa videon haastattelusta alta:

”We’re close to being done. We’ve got a little bit of, I guess, icing on the cake, little things to finish. But it should be done here as things start to reopen. Hopefully we can get the final touches done sooner than later. But as far as a (release) date — no date yet. We’re just trying, with this pandemic, to just take it very slowly and make sure that everyone’s safe. And as soon as we know more on release details, obviously we’ll let everyone know. But right now, we’re just trying to keep the band members safe and just worry about our families and our personal issues — just do that. And then, of course, as things open up, let’s try to get it done. We want it out, obviously. We wanna be back on tour.”

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