Post-hardcorea viikon alkajaisiksi: Silverstein julkaisi reilun 20 minuutin mittaisen livekeikan karanteenin syövereistä

Kanadalainen post-hardcoren tunnetuimpiin yhtyeisiin lukeutuva on julkaissut YouTuben kautta reilun 20 minuutin mittaisen karanteenissa soitetun livekeikan.

Yhtyeen rumpali Paul Koehler on kertonut videosta, jolla vierailee myös Beartoothin Caleb Shomo, seuraavaa:

“Upon returning home from our postponed North American tour, we knew that we had to find a way to play together. Instead of just hopping on a Zoom call, we actually wanted to record and make this thing sound awesome. Each of us performed and recorded our parts at home, and we passed the whole thing to our producer, Sam Guaiana, to mix it.

From there, we wanted to make what feels like a sitcom, documenting our time in isolation and pulling the curtain back on our daily lives. We enlisted Wyatt Clough, the director behind most of our recent music videos, to help edit and narrate the video. We hope the end result is something that can bring some comfort to our fans who are also isolated during this time, and we can’t wait to step on stage for them again once this is all behind us!”

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