Power Paladin julkaisi ”Dark Crystal” -kappaleesta lyriikkavideon

Kirjoittanut Minttu Koskinen - 29.1.2022

Islantilainen power metal -yhtye Power Paladin julkaisi ”Dark Crystal -kappaleestaan lyriikkavideon. Kyseinen biisi on mukana bändin hiljattain julkaisemalla ”With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel” -debyyttialbumilla.

Power Paladin kommentoi julkaisua:

”In a land of ancient prophecies and magic, torn asunder by eons of war and hardship. Our heroes venture forth, mourning the loss of their emperor king, as they search for the dark crystal to bring back balance to the realm. But in order to succeed they must survive the onslaught from the kingdom of the elves and wizards wielding foul and dark magic.

These last weeks since our album release have been one big uplifting, flattering and in many ways humbling experience. When we started out recording this album our first idea was to cast it out to the cosmos via Spotify and YouTube and maybe create vinyls for all the members in the band. Seeing all these positive reactions from press, listeners and charts makes us beyond grateful to both the people that did all the amazing work putting this out there and the people who tossed their hard earned coins to buying this album. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all!” 

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