Primal Fearilta uusi single huhtikuussa – uudella ”I Will Be Gone” -versiolla vierailijana Tarja Turunen

Saksalainen power metal -yhtye julkaisi 13. studioalbuminsa ”Metal Commandon” aiemmin tänä vuonna. Lisää herkkua on luvassa huhtikuun 9. päivä, kun bändi julkaisee viiden kappaleen mittaisen singlen, jonka keskipisteenä on uusi versio ”I Will Be Gone” -kappaleesta. Lisäksi julkaisu sisältää yhden ennen julkaisemattoman kappaleen, sekä kolme ”Metal Commandon” bonuskappaletta. Vierailijana nimibiisillä on itse Tarja Turunen. Yhtyeen basisti Mat Sinner kommentoi:

“There were three famous vocalists on our final wish list. That it was Tarja who got involved in this song is a matter of pure joy for all of us. Working together on the song and video was totally relaxed and professional – a great experience also because Tarja’s and Ralf’s voices go together incredibly well. Now, we can expand the ‘Metal Commando’ saga with a unique chapter. We’re all really proud of this single.”

Myös Turunen on innoissaan yhteistyöstä:

“I was very happy to receive the invitation to take part in Primal Fear’s beautiful song ‘I Will Be Gone’. We started our careers nearly at the same time many years ago, and finally got a chance to work together. I love the song and personally it helped me to stay connected and rock again, even if at the studio this time. I really hope that people will like this collaboration and that it will bring them joy especially during these difficult times we are living through at the moment.”

Alla kappalelista:

1. I Will Be Gone (feat. Tarja Turunen)
2. Vote For No Confidence (ennen julkaisematon kappale)
3. Rising Fear
4. Leave Me Alone
5. Second to None

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