Progressiivista metalcorea sunnuntaihin: Born Of Osiris julkaisi uuden futuristisen musiikkivideon

Yhdysvaltalainen progressiivista metalcorea esittävä Born Of Osiris julkaisi perjantaina 11. päivä tammikuuta uuden ”The Simulation” -nimisen albuminsa Sumerian Recordsin kautta. Bändin tuoreelta albumilta on nyt julkaistu video kappaleesta nimeltä ”Cycles Of Tragedy”. Voit katsoa sen tästä:

Yhtyeessä kitaristina toimiva Lee Kenney on kertonut kappaleesta seuraavaa:

”This song was one of the first that Nick Rossi threw into the mix when we started to realize he was going to be with us going forward. I think it’s a perfect blend of all of the emotions we have been bringing to the table with BORN OF OSIRIS throughout the years. It plays between really aggressive rhythmic patterns and what is, in my opinion, potentially the strongest chorus on the album, vocally. I’m also very proud of my guitar solo at the end. I believe I was able to find the right mix between melody and technicality.”

”The video was also a blast to shoot. We got to go to YouTube HQ in California and had a really fun comfortable time shooting. We had been talking about bringing the portal and the ’being’ that is on the cover of the album into a music video, and this was the one. I think director Steven Contreras (ASKING ALEXANDRIA) did a great job. Maybe you’ll see more of this kind of art on stage with us on ’The Simulation’ U.S. tour next month. Hope you all enjoy it!”

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