Progressiivista metallia Turusta – Sonus Corona julkaisi videon marraskuussa julkaistavalta kakkosalbumiltaan

Promokuva: Victor Ekholm

Turkulainen, progressiivista metallia soittava Sonus Corona yhdistelee musiikissaan intensiivisiä tunnelmia raskaiden riffien ja vahvojen melodioiden saattelemana, sekä luottaa timantinkovaan biisinkirjoitukseen. Tärkeitä vaikuttajia ovat olleet esim. Haken, Toto, Tool, Dream Theater, ja Leprous. Bändin toinen studioalbumi ”Time Is Not On Your Side” julkaistaan 22.11.2019 Inverse Recordsin kautta. Katso lyriikkavideo albumin nimikkoraidasta tästä:

Vokalisti Timo Mustonen kommentoi:

”’Time Is Not On Your Side’ is the most definitive song on the new album as a whole, so we figured it makes a great single and a name for the whole album, too. The keyboards, the melody, and rhythmic elements all compliment each other. Harri’s solo on this moves me every time. It’s also a great song to perform live, we all love it. I rewrote the lyrics in the middle of the night after we had rehearsed the song together. Ari had laid the foundation and melody-rhythm of the words while composing the song, and I turned them around to complement the storyline of the whole album.

The song is about not leaving decisive action on the matter at hand too late. Other people or circumstances might change the game, so one might not have any options left. The protagonist is fighting his own demons, while he knows he should take action instead of focusing inwards. Still, he questions his own motives all the time. His friend comes along to stir things up, and tries to help him see all the options available and give a nudge in the direction the friend thinks is the one for him.”

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Albumin kansi: Aki Niemi

3.The Refuge
4.Swing Of Sanity
6.Time Is Not On Your Side
8.Moment Of Reckoning
9.To The Ground

Ari Lempinen (kitara, taustalaulu)
Harri Annala (kitara)
Miika Erkkilä (basso)
Rasmus Raassina (rummut)
Esa Lempinen (koskettimet)
Timo Mustonen (laulu)

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