Puhtaita lauluja Arch Enemyyn? Alissa White-Gluz olisi avoin asialle

Arch Enemy 2015Monikansallisen metalliyhtye Arch Enemyn vokalisti Alissa White-Gluz on antanut hiljattain haastattelun Eyescream All Accessille, jossa naiselta on kysytty mahdollisuudesta kuulla hänen puhtaita laulujaan Arch Enemyssä tulevaisuudessa. Alissan mukaan hän ehdotti muutamaan kappaleeseen puhtaita lauluja yhtyeen edelliselle ”War Eternal” -nimiselle albumille mutta kitaristi Michael Amott ei ollut halukas niitä lisäämään. Mikäli yhtye kuitenkin puhtaita lauluja haluaisi tulevaisuudessa olisi Alissa siihen valmis. Voit lukea Alissan ajatuksia aiheesta tästä:

”Yeah, I mean, I love singing clean also, which is one of the reasons I wanted to continue with my old bands and stuff like that, and it’s one of the reasons that I am continuing with KAMELOT. Because that gives me… It’s almost like a theater, where I can play a character in every song, ’cause KAMELOT songs are very… There’s always a narrative going on, there’s a story within albums and in songs, so I get to play a character and sing it in a different way than people might recognize coming from me. Of course, I scream in it too. You know, I think in ARCH ENEMY, there’s a couple of songs from [ARCH ENEMY’s latest album] ’War Eternal’, actually, that I made demos with clean singing, just because I was, like, ’Okay, I know it’s not the norm, but I think this sounds really good.’ And then Sharlee [D’Angelo, bass] was, like, ’Wow! That is really good,’ or Michael was, like, ’I really like this.’ But, you know, we have to think of what’s the best sound overall for the band. And so in the end, we decided… I think on the album, there’s, like, three or four songs where there actually is some clean singing, on ’War Eternal’, but you have to listen very, very closely to hear it. Like on the chorus of ’Avalanche’, for example, I’m actually singing that [laughs], but I’m singing it with a lot of rasp. And, you know, in the future, if some songs seem like they would sound good with clean singing, I’m sure we would all be open to doing it. I mean, there’s some songs [on previous albums] from ARCH ENEMY [that had clean vocals], but it’s not Angela singing; it’s a guest. But I think it would be cool. It’s just a matter of writing the best song. I’m sure that Daniel [Erlandsson, ARCH ENEMY drummer], for example, could play amazing flamenco beats on the drums, but that doesn’t mean that he has to put that in an ARCH ENEMY song, just because he can do it. So it’s the same thing here. If it’s appropriate for the song, I’ll do it. And if not, then I’ll just continue to do clean singing with KAMELOT. And I have a bunch of guest vocals. I do guest vocals all the time. So I still have outlets for that, if people wanna hear that.”

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