Punk-legenda Pennywise julkaisee uuden albumin ensi keväänä


Yhdysvaltalainen punk-legenda Pennywise on saanut uuden albuminsa nauhoituksen valmiiksi. Odotettu levy on parhaillaan miksausvaiheessa ja ilmestyy alustavasti keväällä 2018. Bändin kitaristi kertoi aiheesta OC Weekly -lehdelle:

“It’s already done, just waiting for it to be mixed. We have about 15 songs in the can. One of them is called “American Lies”, if you want some inspiration it’s right there, a song Jim wrote and I think you can probably figure out what the song is about from the title alone. We’ve got a raging fast album that I feel like is our best work since Full Circle and Straight Ahead. We’re able to go back to the old school vibe and that’s hard to do. Bands try to go back and recreate their first or second albums and somehow this time we stumbled across an old formula that really worked. It’s aggressive and has a lot of cool lyrics. We’re looking forward to getting it out there around March. We don’t have a title for it yet but we’re meeting this week to put the finishing touches on it and get another one out there for the masses.”

Bändin edellinen täyspitkä ”Yesterdays” ilmestyi vuonna 2014.