Quiet Riot -basisti julkaisi soolomateriaalia: ”The Weight Of Silence” -kappaleen video katsottavissa

Pitkän linjan heavy metal -yhtyeen Quiet Riotin basisti on julkaissut ensimmäisen oman musiikkivideon kappaleestaan ”The Weight Of Silence”. Kappale on saanut inspiraationsa korona-ajan mukanaan tuomista ilmiöistä. Wrightilla oli omien sanojensa mukaan tarkoituksena saada vangittua musiikkiin tuntemuksiaan korona-ajalta. Omalla YouTube-kanavallaan julkaiseman videon ohessa Wright kertoo kappaleesta:

”Mid March 2020: As we descended into the depths of this isolation, while watching the spectacle that is New York City becoming a ghost town, twelve million lights dimmed in Las Vegas, a now deserted Sunset Strip, I decided to pick up my acoustic guitar (something I haven’t done in eons) to just create music from what I had been feeling about this crisis thrust into our lives. I have had no agenda, just drawing from this feeling. I then edited together some footage of me playing the various instruments merged with an apocalyptic vision of cityscapes, as streets lie silent, the unsetting beauty of this lockdown, which often feels like pure science fiction.

Special thanks to Mari Kawaguchi for encouraging me to get back to playing guitar and writing music again.”

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