Randy Blythen mukaan vankilakokemus Tsekeissä ei vaikuttanut Lamb Of Godin sisäisiin suhteisiin

Lamb Of God 2015Lamb Of Godin vokalisti Randy Blythe on antanut hiljattain haastattelun jossa mies on kertonut, ettei hänen viettämänsä aika Tsekkiläisessä vankilassa vaikuttanut bändin sisäisiin suhteisiin. Randyn mukaan Lamb Of God on edelleen rock-bändi samassa mielessä kuin ennen kohuttua tapausta. Lue täältä mitä vokalisti tarkalleen ottaen sanoi.

”Nothing has changed. We’ve been a band since 1994 for 21 years. Supposedly it must be romantic to think all of these guys went through this and it brought them closer and it brought them so much closer. That’s not the case. We’re just a rock band. Things moved on as normal. Nothing like we’re reinventing the wheel.

”Did it change the way we write the music? Did it change the way we recorded things? Did it change our relationship? I’ve known these guys for 21 years. They’re the same dudes. It’s that this happened and I went to prison for a little bit and we had to go through this. We’re not a brand new band. We’ve been doing this for 21 years.”

”It was a terrible thing and personally it has brought sadness and for the members of my band. But that’s it. It hasn’t made us play guitar any different. It wasn’t some sort of creative well to draw from for music. It hasn’t changed. We still get on each other’s nerves horrifically. How’s that?
”It’s being in a band this long. It’s like a long marriage. It gets dysfunctional. I think it feeds what we do creatively. I’m still married to these same four dudes. It’s not like I woke up and I look different and started playing guitar different. The incident was just tragic.”
Lamb Of God esiintyy Helsingin Jäähallissa loppuunmyyydyllä yhteiskeikalla Children Of Bodomin kanssa 3. joulukuuta.

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