Rangerin kitaristi jättää yhtyeen

Kirjoittanut Teemu Hakala - 10.8.2017

Kotimaisen hevipoppoo Rangerin kitaristi Mikael aikoo jättää yhtyeen. Hän soittaa viimeiset keikat bändin kanssa syyskuussa Pyrenean Warriors Open Airissa Ranskassa sekä lokakuussa Helsingin Heavy Metal Cauldronissa. Tämän jälkeen bändi aikoo vetäytyä työstämään uusia kappaleita.

Voit lukea bändin sekä Mikaelin viralliset viestit tästä:


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Hey Ranger-Maniacs! We got some bad news for you, but at the same time some good too.

Unfortunately Mikael has decided to leave the Ranger camp. Mikael will be performing the two shows that we have left this year and we are eternally grateful of his fretboard expertise in Ranger and we’ll be looking forward to hear what’s up with him next!

Last two shows with Mikael are in Pyrenean open air and HEAVY METAL CAULDRON in Helsinki which is the place to be for ultimate Metal experience this rocktober! Good news are, we will be doing some new songs in the quiet for a while, getting a new record deal and start to look for new axeman for Ranger!!!

Stay tuned! Regards from Dimi, Miko and Ville


”After 4 years of ongoing working and blasting away with Ranger, now it’s my time to step aside from the band to head into new challenges. The decision came out naturally and we are parting ways in good terms, staying great friends with each other.

My time in the band included 2 full length albums, a few 7″ releases and shitload of shows all over the Europe (not to forget our trip to Japan also!), and I am proud and happy for everything we did together. Ups and downs, screams and laughs, it was all there. Total rock ’n’ roll high school all the way, an adventure impossible to top. Thank you so much guys, Dimi, Ville, Miko and Juuso – I wish you guys the best of luck for the future to come. I know our paths will cross again.

I also wanna say big thank you to the fans and friends for supporting the band and me along the way. I’m now focusing on creating new music with the good old friend Verneri Pouttu, and things are looking great for us. A lot of music is in the making, and you will get to hear some of that soon.

Stay tuned!
Skull splitting regards,