Ratt vokalisti jätti yhtyeen

Yhdysvaltalaisen hard rockia soittavan RATTin vokalisti Stephen Pearcy on jättänyt yhtyeen. Lue lisää nähdäksesi miehen virallinen viesti aiheeseen liittyen.

”After 30 years creating the band RATT and losing a real brother, Robbin [Crosby, late RATT guitarist], it’s time that I personally part ways with the band.

”I am officially done with having anything to do with them due to the constant turmoil, unresolved business, personal attacks/threats in the public forum, and most of all, the disrespect to the fans.

”I’m very content and proud of the legacy and the music I’ve created. This music will live well beyond any of our lifetimes.

”I owe no one anything but a huge heartfelt thank you for coming to the party for the last 30 years.

”With much respect, life goes on and the music I created will continue to be heard for years to come despite the dark clouds that have lingered for far too long.

”I will personally continue to make music and perform live shows.”

”See you out there.”

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