Remove The Veil lopettaa (2005-2008)

Yhdysvaltalainen post-hardcore yhtye Remove The Veil on päättänyt lopettaa uransa. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin virallisen viestin aiheesta.

It’s true, we’ve decided to break up.After having been a band for the past 3 1/2 years, we feel like it’s time to finally move on and start becoming responsible (what?) adults. And all that. Yeah, jobs and stuff. And school, or whatever else.

We have had an amazing time doing things that I never thought I’d ever get to do in a band. Well, truthfully, they were all things that I thought I’d get to do in a band, but I didn’t really know if they were realistic things to think about. I can tell my future kids (and I do mean future.. waaaay down the road. Just because I’m not a travelin’ hobo anymore doesn’t mean that I’m planning on making those kinda plans just yet) that I was in a band that had a CD in stores and I traveled the globe (or about 35 states) playin’ music.

It’s been a freaking ridiculous journey that took me from the Greater Valley Area, Opelika and Columbus, to the furthest north on the East Coast and the furthest West I could go in California and back.

So we’re ending it back where we started, in our home. Our last show is Summer Side Show in Columbus on June 7th. We’d love to see you there!

Thanks to: Lee Lamb for coming out to help a bunch of kids in the middle of the night on some country backroad near Albany, With Blood, Chasing Victory dudes, Cliff, Coxwell, Ford and Chevy for making some durable vehicles (to an extent), Facedown, Jason, Everyone in Wrench in the Works (including Hunter), Tyler Freakin’ Unicorn Bubblegum Long and Corry, PA, Rosh, Krissy, Jeremy Sims and the Gazebo, Brad Strouse, the entire Hendrix, Hood, Coxwell, McCall, Sasser, Lyons, Hopkins and Rose families, James Dabbs, Nathan ”Creep” Jones, Krissy Dahlstrom, Raven, the Guercios, Lancaster for being such a sketchy town, Fresno (nah, nevermind), Danny Arencibia for letting us do this, David and Starstruck, Joey and Clarissa, Tony ROCKSHOW and Tony 7 Venue, Justin, (why’d you have to break up?) Written in Red, Silas Marner, Don’t Bet on Blondes, Laura Drive, Sonset Down, With Faith or Flames, Nick Williams, Harvey Birdman (yeah, thats where How to Jump a Ravine On Your Bicycle Comma Bobby came from), Over Coffee Cafe, Bob and Mike at Studio B, the Mug and Sound Booking, I Am Terrified (GOOD LUCK TO YOU GUYS! WE ARE PROUD!) Jennifer, John, Chase, Andy, and everybody else at the Fish, everyone at the 467 House, and everyone in Opelika, Auburn, Columbus, West Point/Lanett/Hogansville, Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Phenix City. Finally, thanks to everybody who ever came to a show and said hey, or danced during the Stretch, or made out while we played (yeah, I remember you guys at the Core that one time), or tried to get us to play Put Me in the Golden Chariot one more time.

You made it worth our time, and we really appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

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