Us Amongst The Restilta uusi musiikkivideo

Us Amongst The Rest By Ami BarwellEnglantilainen rockia soittava on julkaissut musiikkivideon uudesta kappaleestaan nimeltä ”Love Is The Bull”. Kyseinen kappale tulee löytymään yhtyeen tulevalta ”Follow The Truth” nimeä kantavalta albumilta, joka tullaan julkaisemaan syyskuun 29. päivä. Lue lisää nähdäksesi kyseinen video.

Yhtye on itse kommentoinut kyseistä kappaletta seuraavasti:

”Our 2nd single, ‘Love is the Bull’ is a take on the common idiom; ‘like a bull in a china shop’. It’s a way of describing how love can be careless and thrown around without regard for people in its path. The video we recorded for the single lent itself to be artistic and stylistic in the sense that we decided upon a role reversal. To have a bull in a china shop is to have something destructive in a delicate place. We decided to put someone delicate within a place that had been succumbed to destruction. The single comes from our debut album, ‘…Follow the Truth’ which encapsulates both discovery and reconciliation with ‘Truth’ as a binding factor for all of the songs. We write about what we know and have not held anything back. Everything we have written about is personal and delves right down into the psyche of the band’s way of thinking along with indication of personal experiences.”

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