Riffimestariksi kruunattu Devin Townsend julkaisi uuden lyriikkavideon

Kirjoittanut Samuel Järvinen - 13.6.2017

Metallin monitaiturina tunnettu Devin Townsend palkittiin 12.6 Metal Hammer -lehden Golden Gods -seremoniassa Lontoossa ”Riff Lord” -palkinnolla. Kyseisen tittelin ovat aiemmin saaneet mm. Dave Mustaine, Brian May ja Phil Campbell. Palkintoa juhlistetaan lyriikkavideolla Devin Townsend Projectin kappaleesta ”Offer Your Light”, joka löytyy bändin vuonna 2016 julkaistulta studioalbumilta ”Transcendence”.  Muut palkitut näet täältä.

Devin kertoo:

”Hey all! Well heck, I guess I won an award for being a guitar guy…sweet! All those years of social ineptitude has manifested in an ability to play 32nd notes. Take that, dad! …to celebrate, we are doing a ’lyric video’ for a track I had been encouraged to release when the album first came out, but decided to go with another one instead. As it turns out, people seem to really like this song, so have at ’er! Here’s a kind of rockin, kind of straightforward track from Transcendence called ’Offer Your Light’, written essentially about trying to look at the positive amidst the ever increasing sea of neurosis-inducing bullshit the world keeps spewing at us. I’m in the beginning stages of writing new music now, and I hope this finds a home in your listening world for the next 4 minutes or so…best part is; there’s no guitar solo!

Lots of love, Devin ’riff-lord’ Townsend (apparently!)”