Rise To Fall julkaisi tulevalta albumiltaan ensimmäisen singlen: kuuntele ”Intruder” musiikkivideon muodossa

Kirjoittanut Minttu Koskinen - 25.3.2023

Espanjalainen melodista death metalia soittava Rise To Fall julkaisee kesäkuu 9. päivä ”The Fifth Dimension” -albumin Noble Demonin kautta. Levyltä on kuunneltavissa ”Intruder”-kappale, jossa vierailee Soilworkin laulaja Björn ”Speed” Strid.

Bändi kommentoi kappaletta:

“Upon returning from our Japan tour with Soilwork in November 2019 we set out to write the new album. In early 2020 we had already composed the track for ’Intruder’ and we talked to Björn from Soilwork to offer him a collaboration. ’Intruder’ is the first song we recorded from the new album, in which Dann also participated for the first time in the composition and in which our producer and friend Pedro J Monge (Vhäldemar) also appears as a guest doing the guitar solo. It is a very complete song, in which the melodic voices and screams of Dalay and Björn are interspersed, making the song super epic.”

Heittäydy biisin vietäväksi musiikkivideon avulla:


  1. Rising Sun
  2. Hierophant
  3. Intruder
  4. Test of Time
  5. Empty Ward
  6. Infinite Crossroad
  7. What Lies Beneath
  8. Heroes
  9. The Great Chain
  10. Beam of Light
  11. Black Ocean