Ritchie Blackmore: ”Haluaisin soittaa vielä yhden keikan Deep Purplen kanssa fanien vuoksi”

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 12.4.2018

Englantilaisen rockin legendan Deep Purplen alkuperäiseen kokoonpanoon lukeutunut kitaristi Ritchie Blackmore haluaisi soittaa vielä yhden keikan entisten bändikavereidensa kanssa fanien vuoksi. Ritchie on ilmoittanut kiinnostuksensa Rainbow:n juuri julkaisemalla ”Memories In Rock II” -DVD:llä, ja voit lukea mitä kerrottavaa miehellä oli aiheesta tästä:

”I would like to do one, maybe one show with the rest of PURPLE just to prove that we’re not all hating each other,” Ritchie said. ”And just do that and go, ’Hey, everybody. It’s just one show for all the DEEP PURPLE fans that liked the Mark II lineup.’ That was my idea in the beginning. But when you’re talking to managements of PURPLE, it gets complicated. They want their money for this and that. So it’s not like you call up your old friends and just say, ’Hey, let’s just have a good time and play. There’s lots of fans that want to hear it.’ Once you have managements and agents and promoters getting involved, it gets so complicated that everybody just calls back and says, ’It’s too complicated.’ So, I wouldn’t mind doing one show with all the old guys, and that’s it — call it a day. Just for the fans. It’s not something I need to do. But I don’t mind playing just to show the people that we’re still friends. We’re older, and with the passing of Jon [Lord, DEEP PURPLE keyboardist], you never know who’s gonna pass next. And it would just be a friendly get-together. But as you might know, in this business, nothing works around friendship — it’s all about money and business. And unfortunately, we’d have to deal with people that were going to make money out of the deal. That’s always a problem.”