Rob Zombie allekirjoitti sopimuksen Nuclear Blast Recordsin kanssa

Yhdysvaltalainen kauhurokkari Rob Zombie on allekirjoittanut levytyssopimuksen Nuclear Blast Recordsin kanssa. Muusikko on saanut tulevan levynsä nauhoitukset valmiiksi, ja sen julkaisua voi odottaa vuoden 2019 puolella.

Rob Zombie kommentoi sopimusta:

”I am very excited to work with the fine folks at Nuclear Blast. The combination of the label’s grassroots urge to get the hustle done mixed with the detonation of our most combustable melodic masterpiece yet should prove to be a winning hybrid of hellacious hullabaloo.”

Levy-yhtiö puolestaan kertoi:

”As fans ourselves at Nuclear Blast we have long admired the artistry of ROB ZOMBIE throughout his extensive and successful career in both music and film. It is a very exciting opportunity to unite ROB’s visionary talent with Nuclear Blast ingenuity. Nuclear Blast has a long history of thinking outside of the box and creating personal and collectible experiences for the fans. We look forward to delivering unforgettable experiences to fans around the world for years to come with the legendary ROB ZOMBIE.”

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