Rob Zombie tulevasta albumistaan: ”Luvassa monimutkaisempaa materiaalia”

Yhdysvaltalainen kauhurokkari Rob Zombie teki hiljattain sopimuksen Nuclear Blast Recordsin kanssa tulevan, vuonna 2019 julkaistan albuminsa julkaisusta. Rob Zombie on antanut hieman osviittaa tulevan albuminsa materiaalista paljastamalla Full Metal Jackielle, että yhtyeen seuraava albumi tulee olemaan musiikillisesti hieman monimutkaisempaa kuin aiemmat albumit ovat olleet. Zombie kertoi tulevasta albumista seuraavaa:

”Whenever we start making a record, we don’t work in a sense where we go into a rehearsal space and jam and come up with riffs — we don’t function like that,” he said. ”When I start, day one of recording, there’s no music that exists — we just record as we create. And after all these years, you kind of are just trying to find new things to do. Because there’s a certain formula you have, or you could have, that it would take about two seconds to write ’that’ type of song. But you always wanna try to figure out new avenues that you can explore. And that’s really what it is. ’Cause you’ve gotta keep yourself excited. You never wanna give the audience what they expect, because that’s boring — they get bored. They may think they want that, but then they just don’t wanna get bored and go, ’Ah, yeah, same old crap, just like we thought.'”

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