Rockin ikonilta Iggy Popilta uusi albumi syyskuussa: levyn nimikkokappale kuunneltavissa

Yhdysvaltalainen rockin ikoni Iggy Pop on julkaisemassa uuden ”Free”-nimisen albuminsa Loma Vista Recordingsin kautta 6. syyskuuta. Albumin nimikkokappale on nyt julkaistu Spotifyn kautta striimattavaksi, ja voit kuunnella biisin tästä:

Iggy on kertonut tulevasta albumistaan seuraavaa:

”This is an album in which other artists speak for me, but I lend my voice…
By the end of the tours following Post Pop Depression, I felt sure that I had rid myself of the problem
of chronic insecurity that had dogged my life and career for too long.
But I also felt drained. And I felt like I wanted to put on shades, turn my back, and walk away. I wanted to be free. I know that’s an illusion, and that freedom is only something you feel, but I have
lived my life thus far in the belief that that feeling is all that is worth pursuing; all that you need – not
happiness or love necessarily, but the feeling of being free.

So this album just kind of happened to me, and I let it happen.”

1. Free
2. Loves Missing
3. Sonali
4. James Bond
5. Dirty Sanchez
6. Glow In The Dark
7. Page
8. We Are The People
9. Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
10. The Dawn

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