Rockmaailma järkyttyi Malcolm Youngin poismenosta: näin tunnetut rokkarit reagoivat miehen kuolemaan

Rockmaailma koki jälleen varsin kovan menetyksen perjantaina, kun australialaisen hard rock -legenda AC/DC:n perustajajäsenenä, kitaristina ja lauluntekijänä tunnettu Malcom Young menehtyi 64 vuoden iässä. Malcolm toimi rockin saralla valtavana innoittajana lukuisille bändeille. Voit lukea eri muusikoiden julkaisemia suruviestejä aiheen tiimoilta tästä:




























































Farewell Malcolm Young. One of the great riffmasters of all time, his loss sadly follows his and Angus’s older brother George – a ‘60s pop legend and also AC/DC’s original producer – who passed away last month almost to this day. Of the two onstage Young brothers, Malcolm was the quiet one, if not in volume, in terms of onstage antics. Like Alex Van Halen, he provided the fraternal foundation of which a great band was built upon and made it possible for his lead guitar playing brother to reach full potential – competing for the spotlight with charismatic singers (in Angus Young’s case, becoming the very mascot of the band) and becoming lead guitar personified for generations of listeners – yet always coming across as more than content as the supportive brother, never seeking undue attention and holding it down with dignity. Malcom had no distinctive outfit. Malcom had no signature stage moves. He didn’t need them. He had the riffs and he did them better than nearly anyone. Who else in heavy rock could play a Gretsch White Falcon – a guitar associated more with rockabilly (ie Brian Setzer) – and pull it off? For many of us, Malcom was our real life version of the fictitious “Guitar George” in Dire Straights’ The Sultans of Swing “He knows all the chords… he’s strictly rhythm he doesn’t want to make them cry or sing” His riffs for AC/DC will go down in history alongside Jimmy Page’s for Led Zeppelin, Tony Iommi’s for Black Sabbath or anyone else’s. Malcom gave us many great measures of music and he will be missed immeasurably. RIP #ripmalcolmyoung #AC/DC #malcolmyoung

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