Rose Funeral työstämään uutta albumia

Yhdysvaltalainen deathcore -yhtye Rose Funeral aikoo siirtyä piakkoin studioon nauhoittaakseen seuraavan albuminsa. Levy julkaistaan ensi vuoden puolella Metal Blade Recordsin kautta. Lue lisää nähdäksesi bändin virallisen viestin aiheesta.

”It’s been a while due to the dumbass who hacked our Myspace and said we broke up, but no, we have been busting ass on this upcoming release!

”The long writing process for ’Gates of Punishment’ is complete and we hit the studio early January! We made a pre-prod video but ehhh we decided to just hold off and make the studio video. We will be working with Peter Rutcho: Damage Studios (Bury Your Dead, Revocation, etc), David Voll: Iron Forge Studios (Rose Funeral), and Scott Briggs: Velocity Studios (Aeons of Eclipse).

”We are soooo stoked on this album. It is such a huge, gigantic, and ridiculous step up from previous releases! More intense drumming, more solos, and more grotesque death metal that you can shake a stick at! This will be 11 tracks of pure destruction. Shit you wanna wreck someone too, but don’t wreck em too hard because they will spread rumors about you with a deck of colorful cards to help them gain level rep. on WoW ;)”

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