Ruotsalaiselta progressiivista rockia soittavalta Kaipalta uusi albumi syyskuussa

Ruotsalainen progressiivista rockia soittava Kaipa on asettanut järjestyksessään 13:sta albuminsa nimeksi ”Children of the Sounds”. Yhtye aikoo julkaista seuraavan albuminsa syyskuun 22. päivä InsideOut Musicin kautta. Yhtyeen pääasiallinen kappaleiden kirjoittaja Hans Lundin on kommentoinut tulevaa albumia seuraavasti:

”In November 2014 when I was still filled with all the energy I had captured during the summer I started to write the new songs. What really made me push the start button this time was a magic spirit that filled my whole body after visiting a concert with Morgan Ågren and his band ‘Mats & Morgan Band’. I woke up the morning after the concert and still felt that enormous groove filling every part of my consciousness. I realized that I had to canalize all this energy somewhere so I decided to start to write some new music. I had also found a lot of inspiration from the long bicycle rides that I made during the summer in the open land-scape around Uppsala. It was like if the notes were rising up from the billowing fields I passed and the words were falling like raindrops from the clear sky. So now I suddenly had found the key to open up all these ideas that had been slumbering at the back of my mind for a while. All the beauty and the wondrous inspiration from nature in combination with this “enormous groove” made me create five long songs during the next months.”

1. Children of the Sounds 11:31
2. On The Edge of New Horizons 17:10
3. Like A Serpentine 12:52
4. The Shadowy Sunlight 6:57
5. What’s Behind The Fields 9:31

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