Ruotsin Shiningin leirissä kuohuu: yhtye syyttää bändin paitoja myynyttä ja valmistanutta tahoa kymmenien tuhansien eurojen menetyksestä sekä Niklas Kvarforthin vakavasta sairaudesta

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 7.9.2020

Ruotsalaisen black metal -yhtye Shiningin ympärille kuohuu. Yhtye on julkaissut Facebookissa päivityksen, jossa kertoo haastaneensa oikeuteen bändin vaatteita valmistaneen ja myyneen tahon. Kirjoituksen mukaan bändin vaatteista vastannut yritys ei ole hoitanut bändin verkkokaupan asiakaspalveluun tulleita pyyntöjä eikä tuottanut bändin haluamia paitoja, joista on koitunut bändille yli 10 000 euron tappiot. Yhtye myös syyttää samaista tahoa Niklas Kvarforthin vakavan sairauden aiheuttamisesta.  Voit lukea päivityksen tästä:

Bändin paitamyynnistä vastannut ja yhtyeelle myös paitoja valmistanut taho julkaisi oman vastineensa aiheesta kertoen yhtyeen jättäneen järjestäen kaikki laskunsa maksamatta, mutta bändi poisti kaikki kommentit. Voit lukea paitamyyntifirman vastineen tästä:

”Markus, Niklas and even other people affiliated have been sent credentials several times in the past for that IG account. I do not wish to login to that account, it’s been inactive as no one told anyone to post anything. It was only used to post content Niklas wanted to post.

For the shirts, you did not pay the several thousands owed for your previous orders so at some point we had to stop printing.
There was always talks about how some money will come from here or from there, but nothing ever happened.

You even left postal service bills unpaid. A company cannot give free shirts forever, this was not a charity service even though you were even given prices near charity, to help you fix everything.

Same goes for customer service, I was told numerous times I would be compensated for the work, but this never happened. Which is why that had to stop as well.
I do not know where you wasted all the money Legions makes, because I think money is constantly being made, but I can sure say it did not go to you paying for the services and wares provided.
Am sorry to say it is impossible to work pro bono, especially with merchandise.

For the record, the machine was sold a while back as partly due to unpaid bills by the said customer the merchandise operations were shut down as profit was impossible to achieve. This was also communicated to Kvarforth.

As for legal actions, I do think this goes the other way around, not from you to us.
You probably should remove this whole post – I am certain you will remove mine, but yes I took screenshots of course for future use.”