Sabaton ja Apocalyptica yhdistivät jälleen voimansa: kuuntele yhteistyön lopputulos ”Angels Calling”

Ruotsalainen power metal -jyrä Sabaton julkaisi viimeisimmän, ”The Great War” -nimisen albuminsa heinäkuun 19. päivä Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Albumilta on nyt julkaistu video kappaleesta ”Angels Calling”, jossa vierailijana kuullaan kotimaista sellorockyhtyettä Apocalypticaa. Voit katsoa kappaleeseen kuvatun videon tästä:

Sabatonin basisti Pär Sundström on kertonut biisistä seuraavaa:

’Angels Calling’ was the first song we wrote on the topic of World War 1 for the ’Attero Dominatus’ album back in 2006, and together with Apocalyptica we have really given the song a new life. Due to the song’s topic, our recent album, the upcoming tour and a great demand from fans, the song is now back on the setlist for the tour.

The song´s arrangement was made in August, when Apocalyptica visited our hometown Falun to perform at the Sabaton Open Air festival. It was recorded in Black Lounge studios by Jonas Kjellgren and the Apocalyptica parts were later recorded in Finland.
Richard Erixon, our long time video producer, captured the best moments from the rehearsals in Falun and edited it into a music video for the song.

We wanted this tour to offer something that we have never done before, and when I attended an Apocalyptica show in Madrid a few years ago I already had a strong vision to perform together, so I explained the idea to Apocalyptica and here we are, with the best show we have ever done.”

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