Sarkomin perjantaina ilmestyvä albumi kuunneltavissa kokonaisuudessaan

sarkom-2016Norjalainen black metallia soittava Sarkom julkaisee ”Anti-Cosmic Art” -nimisen albuminsa tulevana perjantaina 2.12 päivä Dark Essence Recordsin kautta. Levy on nyt kuunneltavissa ennakkoon, kun taas tiedotteen tulevaan julkaisuun liittyen voit lukea tästä:


”Anti-Cosmic Art”, the new album from veteran Norwegian Black Metallers SARKOM is streaming in its entirety ahead of its 2nd December release date. The album can be heard exclusively on No Clean Singing at

The seven-track album was originally intended to mark the band’s tenth anniversary, but was unavoidably delayed due to a series of personal and technical difficulties. ”Anti-Cosmic Art” displays the versatility of the Norwegian veterans, ranging, as it does, from Old School Black Metal to more experimental tracks. It is brutally catchy, largely guitar-driven, and the whole is imbued with the crushingly dark sound that SARKOM has made its own.

SARKOM’s choice of guest artists for ”Anti-Cosmic Art” is a clear indication of how unafraid the band is to step out of their comfort zone with appearances from the likes of SHINING’s Peter Huss, Ronni Le Tekrø from TNT and ROQUEFIRE and TROLLFEST’s Sagstad contributing to give the album its guitar-driven sound, whilst ALFAHANNE frontman Pehr Skjoldhammer’s distinctive vocals add a completely different dimension to the track ”Come, dear Cancer”.

With artwork by Spectrvm Lvsitani, tracklisting for ”Anti-Cosmic Art” is as follows:

1. Previous associates, now as targets for the gun
2. Mind-abscess
3. Ruiners of our family tree
4. Seen through the eyes of a paedophile priest
5. Come, dear cancer
6. Black metal necrophilia
7. Sodomy and lust (Sodom cover).