Satyriconin Satyrilta tuore päivitys liittyen tulevaan covereita sisältävään albumiin

Kirjoittanut Arto Mäenpää - 2.1.2018

Norjalaisen black metal -yhtye Satyriconin laulaja Sigurd ”Satyr” Wongraven on antanut hiljattain israelilaiselle Met Al Metal -radiolle haastattelun, jossa on kertonut yhtyeen alun perin ennen ”Deep Calleth Upon Deep” -albumia suunnitelmissa olleen covereita sisältäneen albumin tilanteesta. Satyr on kertonut yhtyeen aikovan yhä viimeistellä albumin, kun aika siihen on oikea. Voit lukea miehen tuoreen päivityksen levyn tilanteesta tästä:

Kalenterikuva 2023

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”That is something that we did do quite a lot of work with, but we had to shelve it because ’Deep Calleth Upon Deep’ took all of our attention. In general, we would like to pick up on that again. I don’t know when that will happen, because we have to really want to do it — we can’t just do it because it’s something that we didn’t finish; we have to finish it because we want to finish it. When we left it on the shelf, it was because, even though we were enjoying it, it took a lot of time and it took time away from the [’Deep Calleth Upon Deep’] album, which we thought was a more important project. So when you do a project like a covers album, it has to be because there is space for it in your life right now. But once we get there, yeah, it’s possible.”

”We’ve been doing songs from musical genres that have been important to us that do not necessarily relate to black metal only. So we’ve been jamming covers from New Wave Of British Heavy Metal genre, we’ve been jamming folk music, we’ve done punk rock, ’70s hard rock… That was the idea — that we were gonna work on things that have been influential to our careers, but not black metal.”