Scott Ian mahdollisesta erikoiskeikasta yhtyeen aiempien laulajien kanssa: ”Se voisi olla mahdollista, mutta…”

Yhdysvaltalaisen thrash metal -yhtye Anthraxin kitaristi on kertonut yhtyeen mahdollisuudesta soittaa erikoiskeikka, jossa olisivat mukana kaikki yhtyeen liki 40-vuotisen uran aikana vaikuttaneet laulajat. Yhtyeessä ovat vuosien varrella toimineet vokalisteina Neil Turbin, Dan Nelson, John Bush ja Joey Belladonna. Kitaristilta kysyttiin aiheesta The Jasta Show’ssa ja hän myöntää itsekin pohtineensa asiaa vuosien mittaan, mutta ei ole kuitenkaan aivan varma omasta halukkuudestaan tehdä sitä:

”Could we? If everyone’s alive, yes, the answer would be we could. But — and that’s a huge ’but’ with two Ts — do we want to? That’s more the question to ask.

I’ll admit — that thought, in my lifetime, has crossed my mind, this idea of imagine doing a career retrospective kind of a thing. And, of course, it’s possible, but I don’t know that’s something — me, personally; speaking specifically for me, not anyone else in the band or any other singers that aren’t in the band anymore — it’s not something I would wanna do.”

Mikäli tämä sattuisi onnistumaan, olisi kyseessä kitaristin mielestä ennemmin yksittäinen keikka kuin kiertue. Fanien hän arvioisi olevan tällaisesta innoissaan:

”Depending on the scenario and how we did it, where maybe — let’s just say, could you imagine, so you start with ’Fistful’ and you do a short set of that, and then maybe there’s, not an intermission but there’s a break with some kind of a set change. Maybe in the set change, there’s some type of video montage showing what happened between ’Fistful’ and ’Spreading The Disease’, if that footage even exists; I’m just totally spitballing here. Then we come out and we do that era, and so on and so on. And, of course, it could be an unbelievable thing if it was produced properly and it all worked, and from a creative standpoint, it could be something amazing and I’m sure the fans that got to see it would be blown away. I don’t necessarily see it as something that could be done as a tour. That sounds like something you set up in one spot and you do maybe multiple shows at a theater somewhere in New York, and then you move it to another city and do a few. But it’s not something you can schlep around on a tour bus.”

Idea on kitaristin mielestä hyvä, mutta lähitulevaisuudessa sitä ei kannata olla odottamassa. Yhtye on juuri kirjoittamassa uutta levyä ja tämän jälkeen yhtyeellä on todennäköisesti parin vuoden kiertue edessä:

”I love the idea, but you know how it is in bands — it’s not always the easiest thing to make things happen sometimes. It’s a lot of logistics, a lot of people. And there’s also the part of me that is, like, ’All right, why are we gonna do that?’ It certainly isn’t something that would happen in the next few years, because we’re writing a new  album right now that originally we thought was coming out at the end of this year, but not even because of the pandemic, we just knew it’s not gonna happen till next year, just at the pace we’re working.

Next year is the 40th anniversary of the band. We’ll have a new record out, and that touring cycle is for sure gonna be two years, based on a new record and all of that. What happens after that, who knows? Maybe at the end of that touring cycle, we try and figure out something really special and really cool to do, whether it’s something like we were just talking about or something different. I don’t know.”

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