Secretsin entinen laulaja Aaron Melzer on kuollut

Yhdysvaltalaisen post-hardcorea soittavan Secretsin entinen laulaja Aaron Melzer on kuollut. Melzer ehti laulaa bändissä kahden vuoden ajan laulaen vuonna 2013 ilmestyneellä, ja yhtyeen tähän asti parhaiten menestyneimmällä albumilla ”Fragile Figuresilla”. Melzerin kuolinsyy ei ole tiedossa, ja bändi on julkaissut kuolemasta seuraavan viestin:

”Today we lost our brother, our friend, and our family with the passing of Aaron Melzer. Aaron’s passing came much too soon in his life and in ours. Words cannot express how devastating and painful this is for all of us to hear and believe.

We will miss Aaron every day. Every day we will remember his presence, his laughter, the joy he could bring to a room, the light he brought with him to the stage, his smiles, his heart, and every memory we were able to share with him.

For now we ask that you please respect the privacy of the family and loved ones as we take this time to reflect and grieve.

We love you Aaron and you will not be forgotten.”

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