Senses Fail julkaisi uudelleen debyytti-EP:nsä

Post-hardcorea soittava  on julkaissut ”From the Depths of Dreams” -debyytti-EP:nsä uudelleen Pure Noise Recordsin kautta. Levyllä kuullaan bändin esikoislevyn kappaleita päivitettynä. Vokalisti Buddy Nielsen kertoo:

Seventeen years ago we recorded the songs that make up From The Depths of Dreams. It was the spark that started a journey that is still unfolding. We never thought that we’d go anyway, we just wanted to make it out of the basement. We were just a couple of teenagers from NJ trying to write songs to make us feel alive and play in the local scene. Our aspirations were minimal at best but our results were extraordinary. This re-recording is not to replace what was but to add to the legacy of the songs and show them in a modern light. We haven’t played a lot of these songs for our fans and this release gives us the opportunity to highlight an era of Senses Fail that many of our fans didn’t get a chance to see.

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