Septicflesh julkaisi uuden ”Neuromancer” -kappaleen musiikkivideon muodossa

Kirjoittanut Minttu Koskinen - 27.3.2022

Kreikkalainen death metal -yhtye Septicflesh julkaisi uuden ”Neuromancer” -singlen, joka on mukana bändin tulevalla levyllä. ”Modern Primitive” ilmestyy 20. toukokuuta Nuclear Blast Recordsin kautta. Aiemmin levyltä on ilmestynyt Hierophant” -kappale.

Bändin kitaristi-laulaja Sotiris Anunnaki V kertoi kappaleen tarinan:

“A technologically advanced society, where morals decline and crime thrives, is the ‘stage’ of this song. The main character is suffering from severe neural damage. In order to receive a cure, and be able to physically reconnect to the global network, he accepts an obscure hacking mission. After all, the virtual reality data space, to him, is more like home.

The skeleton of the song was structured upon the 12 string guitar. The main melody and the various emotional tones of the song were crafted upon this more organic-sounding instrument. Then, after arrangement decisions were taken, the song turned out the way you hear it. Besides the strings, brass, and other standard orchestra sections used, a mandolin takes a lead role preparing for the climax of the addictive chorus and the ultra-heavy main riff. Also, there is a more theatrical interaction with the various vocal styles within our arsenal in this song.”