Sepulturan Andreas Kisser ei näe Cavaleran veljesten ”Return To Roots” -kiertueen pointtia

Kirjoittanut Teemu Esko - 31.12.2016

sepultura-andreas-kisser-2016Sepulturan kitaristi Andreas Kisser on antanut australialaiselle Loud-lehdelle haastattelun, jossa hän mm. ottaa kantaa entisten jäsenten Max ja Igor Cavaleran juhlakiertueeseen bändin ”Roots”-albumin tiimoilta. Kysyttäessä aikooko myös Sepultura juhlistaa kyseisen levyn tai ”Arise”-albumin 20- ja 25-vuotisjuhlavuosia, Kisser vastasi:

”Not really, man. It seems like a waste of time, actually. It doesn’t bring anything new to your career. Of course, we did [play full albums for], like, special occasions, like we played the whole ’Arise’ [LP] here in São Paulo [Brazil for] the anniversary of this metal club here in São Paulo, very traditional. So we did like a special show for them. We did another special show with [1993’s] ’Chaos A.D.’ in its entirety in another special project in a different place. But it is a show or two; it’s not like a tour.”

”Of course, ’Roots’ is an amazing album, [and] twenty years [later], we’re so proud to be a part of such an amazing project.”

”People talk about ’Roots’ still today. It influenced so many different people. It sounds fucking amazing, it sounds like we [made it] yesterday. And we play songs from the ’Roots’ album all the time. Of course, in this past year we brought songs like ’Endangered Species’, ’Dictatorshit’, ’Spit’, ’Ambush’ — songs that we didn’t play for many years — because of that type of celebration. But to put everything on the side and only do ’Roots’, for us, would be something very weak. And we are so much focused on what we’re doing now, having a new album with a label and everything. Respecting our past but live in the present. We are here now, and that’s what matters the most. I think we have to really live today and not really be locked in our past.”

Kysyttäessä kelpuuttaako hän sen, että yhtyeessä ennen vaikuttaneet Cavaleran veljekset soittavat koko ”Roots”-albumin tämänhetkisellä ”Return To Roots” -maailmankiertueellaan, Kisser vastasi:

”I don’t care. Everyone does whatever they want. If they feel that’s good for their career, whatever, man. It doesn’t change anything that I do. It’s like a… It’s weird to comment on something like that, because, for me, it’s weird. [Laughs] I don’t see the point. They have so many different projects. Actually, they left SEPULTURA for those projects, and now they’re playing SEPULTURA. I don’t understand that kind of attitude. But whatever, man. I respect any type of opinion, and, of course, I don’t agree with them all, but people are free to do whatever they want. You just have to live with the consequences — that’s all.”