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Shade of Sorrow julkaisemassa debyyttialbuminsa

Kirjoittanut Ingeborg Roos - 17.4.2024

Kotimainen melodinen death metal -projekti Shade of Sorrow on julkaisemassa debyyttialbuminsa ”Upon the Fields of Grief” 28. kesäkuuta M-Theory Audion kautta.
Shade of Sorrown perustaja Mika Kankainen kertoo:

”’Upon the Fields of Grief’ takes you to my mindset and perspective, where I see the world slicing its wrists and drowning us all. It’s a personal survival kit from this absolute darkness that we call life. The bitter vinegar of endless disappointments and personal hate, disgust and aggression coming 100% from the heart. Black n’ dark is not enough to describe this macabre rollercoaster that this album gives you. It’s a one-man manifestation from the deepest northern darkness. Prepare to experience the coldest wind and grief from the north. From Finland with hate.”