Sharks In Your Mouth tuulettaa ilmoille uuden balladin musiikkivideon kera

Italialainen vaihtoehtometallia soittava Sharks In Your Mouth on julkaissut verkkoon uuden kappaleensa ”Gone” musiikkivideon kera. Biisi on ensimmäinen julkaisu yhtyeeltä sitten viime vuonna julkaistun täyspitkän ”Sacrilegious”.

”When we recorded our last album for ’Sacrilegious’, our fans, our family, (our Covenants) felt the lack of a ’soft’ track or a ’ballad’ on the record. So due to huge request, we wrote a song to express how grateful we are to their support. Our single for ’Gone’ talks about ‘acceptance’, the last phase in the healing process of losing someone or something that meant the world. We worked on the piano section like crazy, we wanted to create something melancholic and sad and it was the first time we wrote such a melodic song, so for a djent / metalcore band it was a real challenge. We hope this track will help someone to feel better and relieve some pain but remember, ’you can’t save those who do not want to be saved’. Let us know what you think about it and always ’join The Covenant’!”.

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