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Sister Sin -vokalisti Liv Jagrellin yhtyeeltä LiV SiN:ltä uusi single

Kirjoittanut Niko Kuusela - 20.1.2023

Sister Sin -keulahahmona tutuksi tullut Liv Jargrell julkaisee tammikuun 27. päivä LiV SiN -nimeä kantavan bändinsä kanssa uuden albumin ”KaliYuga” Mighty Musicin kautta. Levyltä on nyt julkaistu single ”I Am the Storm”, jonka voit katsastaa musiikkivideon kera alta.

”This song is probably the most dynamic song we have ever written, which also made it one of the hardest ones to sing since I’m not very used to singing soft”

”The theme behind the lyrics is again about inner work. It’s about that feeling when someone or something pushes you out of balance, and how you can convince yourself that you have control over your own mind and your own state, like a kind of mantra. We need to acknowledge both our positive and negative emotions and see that both of them are needed and make us who we are. This song is one of my personal favorites from the new album”

Liv Jagrell